travertine tile in OakvilleTravertine has been used in architecture for thousands of years. It was a popular construction material for the ancient Romans, who used it to build several types of structures including the Colosseum. In modern day, it is one of the most popular natural stone tiles. Homeowners in the greater Burlington and Oakville area select travertine tile because of its elegance, durability, and the value it brings to their homes. Read on to see if this tile material is the right choice for your next project.

What Is Travertine?

travertine flooring in Oakville

Travertine is a type of limestone, which is a sedimentary rock. Sedimentary rocks form in one of two ways: through settling and cementation of sediment or through chemical precipitation. During chemical precipitation, minerals solidify from a liquid solution. Travertine forms in hot springs through the chemical precipitation of calcium carbonate minerals.

This stone is mined as large blocks from quarries in Italy, Mexico, Peru, Turkey, and Iran. These blocks are then cut and processed into the final product— stone tile. On the surface of these tiles are naturally occurring holes and troughs. However, these can be polished out for a smooth, shiny finish.

Style Selections

Travertine tile comes in several different colors including white, tan, cream, orange, brown, and grey. When selecting your tile, choose from a number of different shapes and sizes — from large, 12×24 inch, rectangular pieces to small, 3×6 inch, subway tiles. Finishes include polished, honed, tumbled, and brushed options. A polished finish is glossy and reflects light, making it a popular choice for formal designs. Alternatively, honed, tumbled, and brushed options have matte finishes and are used for natural or rustic designs.

Installation and Maintenance

Because this is a naturally occurring stone, the tiles can have significant variation between individual pieces. During installation, it is important to pay attention to texture and arrangement to prevent a sloppy final presentation. Also, since travertine is a porous stone, tiles need to be filled and sealed properly during installation to prevent damage.

Once sealed, these tiles are very durable and hold up well in high traffic areas. Additionally, they are resistant against moisture, cracking, and scratching, making them a popular choice for both kitchen and bathroom applications. However, acidic solutions damage travertine, so it is important to use only pH-balanced or alkaline-based cleaning products. This tile also requires occasional resealing to protect its porous surface from wear. With these two maintenance points kept in mind, travertine tile can last for decades.

Your Local Oakville Tile Experts

For your next tile project, call the experts at Floor Coverings International Burlington ON. We offer free, in-home estimates and bring all our samples to your Oakville home using our mobile flooring showroom. We proudly serve the greater Burlington and Oakville area.

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