burlington ceramic floor tile Ceramic tiles are made from a special clay, forged in the fires of the kiln. They emerge with a robust, gritty appearance and durable mass. In fact, these tiles are so durable they can be found in certain areas of Rome and Egypt, dating back millennia!

Floor Coverings International Burlington ON does not recommend letting your floors go unattended for thousands of years, but for Oakville folks who want an enduring option in flooring, you can’t ignore ceramic tile.

Glaze Considerations

The versatility of ceramic floor tiles allows them to be installed inside or outside the home, in mudrooms or outdoor areas like walkways or patios. They will often find a home in the kitchen or bathroom, where the tiles are best sealed with a protective glaze to ensure that water cannot soak through and lead to mold development. The glaze is often applied in gloss form, but you may also take a shine to the matte version.

burlington ceramic floor tile

Unglazed ceramic is easier to manage in areas where water is not a threat, but it also offers a more gritty and rustic look than glazed tiles. Additionally, unglazed ceramic provides better traction in homes where slipping and falling is a real concern. If there are children in the home, for instance, unglazed ceramic may mean more time for play and less money spent on band-aids.

Ceramic Tile Size

Larger tiles are a great choice for rooms that struggle to provide a sense of comfortable space. If a room feels cramped or confining, large ceramic floor tiles can deliver a sense of roominess. On the other hand, smaller ceramic tiles will draw attention, and can impart a sense of coziness in rooms that feel too drafty or hollow.

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Ceramic tile flooring is a practical and long-lasting choice that Oakville homeowners love. Contact Floor Coverings International Burlington ON today for a free in-home design consultation! Find out why we are the #1 option in flooring for residents of the greater Burlington and Oakville area!

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