oakville rubber floor Traditionally, rubber floors have been reserved for commercial environments with extremely high traffic. Luckily for homeowners, a growing interest in rubber flooring has brought with it an exciting new diversity of textures, colors and patterns offered for rubber flooring in the home!

With this new possibility comes an array of facts for any potential rubber floor owners in Burlington. Today Floor Coverings International Burlington ON delivers an overview of rubber flooring, its pros and cons, and how to determine whether it’s a perfect fit for your home in the Burlington and Oakville areas.

Heavy-Duty Flooring

Rubber floors are an excellent fit for any room that sees traffic and other action on the daily. Home gym setups, rec rooms, children’s bedrooms or play areas, laundry rooms or other similar areas are excellent candidates for rubber flooring. The bounce-back resilience of a rubber floor means it can take a beating from high activity and stay intact.

oakville rubber floor


Rubber is water-resistant, but if water seeps between rubber tiles, you can have a mold problem on your hands. Furthermore, water on the surface of rubber can cause slipping in a room meant for higher traffic! The best policy is to keep your rubber floor nice and dry by wiping up spills immediately and not installing them in moisture-prone rooms.

Light on the Cleaning

Rubber doesn’t usually need anything more than a damp mop to stay fresh. If you’re worried about maintenance and upkeep, choosing rubber flooring is one way to minimize the weekly cleaning checklist. Check with a manufacturer before applying cleaning agents to your rubber floor, as its color and texture are surprisingly sensitive to certain chemicals. The wrong cleaning agent could discolor or damage the surface.

The Right Look and Feel

While it is offered in plenty of visual styles, rubber may not be the right view for every home. Its utility and softness can run counter to the idea of a normal living space. Rubber tends to be suited to a specific room or two in the home.

Strong, But Gentle

For all its toughness, rubber is quite the softie! For home gyms and children’s playrooms, this makes it easier on the body during floor exercise routines and falls. That same elastic safety is also responsible for rubber’s noise dampening. Another reason rubber works so well for kids’ rooms is that it’s about as quiet as flooring comes. Running and general play won’t echo so loudly through a home when they are conducted atop a rubber floor.

Questions About Rubber Flooring in Burlington?

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