Oakville HardwoodIf you’re trying to decide which hardwood species to install in your Oakville area home, consider maple! Maple hardwood flooring ranks high on the Janka hardness scale at 1450, making it a great choice for areas of your home that receive a high amount of foot traffic such as the living room.

About Maple

Due to its durability, you’re likely to see maple hardwood in common places such as basketball courts, bowling alleys, and sports arenas. Maple is known for its light, creamy color that varies slightly from plank to plank. It has light graining, giving it an elegant and traditional appearance. It can be stained to give it a darker look as well, and it comes in different looks such as wide planks or textured for a more rustic appearance.

Grain Varieties:

  • Flame maple: This variety has wavy red lines and is often used to make acoustic guitars and other musical instruments
  • Quilted maple: Quilted maple bears a pattern that resembles a quilt or ripples on water
  • Bird’s eye maple: This maple variety is the most common and has a distinctive pattern that resembles a bird’s eyes

Maple Hardwood FloorMaintenance

Like almost all hardwood flooring, maple is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Just sweep the surface regularly to remove debris and wipe with a damp cloth to remove any spots or spills. Your floors may also require periodic refinishing depending on the care and amount of foot traffic it receives.

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Maple hardwood flooring is available in a wide array of grain patterns and shades and is suitable for any person’s flooring needs. Maple is also becoming an increasingly popular type of laminate, which provides an additional flooring choice. Let the experts at Floor Coverings International Burlington ON help you find the style of maple hardwood flooring that’s perfect for you and your home. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home consultation where we bring the samples right to your door. We look forward to working with you on your new Oakville hardwood project!

Photo Credit: jactod & Artazum