Oakville CarpetSaxony is one of the most common and popular carpet styles in the greater Oakville area. This traditional style is soft and durable, which is why it’s so popular with homeowners. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Burlington ON share some facts below to help you decide if Saxony is the best carpet option for your home!


There are two styles of Saxony to pick from, straight and textured. Straight is the more common style of Saxony seen in many homes. All of the fibers are uniform and sit in the same direction. This dense carpet style’s fibers are usually ½ inch high and closely packed together. Textured Saxony’s fibers are twisted in varying directions, which gives it a textured look. Both styles are available in a wide variety of different colors and fibers to pick from.

Oakville CarpetDurability and Maintenance

Saxony is a popular carpet style because it holds up well to everyday wear and tear. The durability will vary depending on the type of carpet fiber used. Wool, for example, will hold up better than a synthetic fiber.

It’s important to note that straight Saxony does show footprints and vacuum tracks more than other carpet styles. Regular cleaning and maintenance is required to keep the carpet in good shape. Vacuum once or twice a week to get rid of any dirt and debris tracked in. Clean up spills as they happen, use spot cleaner as needed, and get your carpets professionally cleaned once a year. We can even stain treat your carpet for you if your house receives a lot of wear and tear from kids or pets.

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Photo Credit: Derek Hatfield & Artazum