Polyester could be the perfect addition to your Oakville home. This versatile, comfortable fiber has a long history of use in carpeting. Floor Coverings International Burlington ON is proud to bring polyester carpeting straight to Oakville homeowners. Could polyester carpet be perfect for your home?

carpet samplesBenefits


Polyester repels water. This can prevent mold and mildew, because water won’t linger in the carpeting. It also gives polyester excellent stain resistance. Spills won’t be absorbed by the carpet fibers, which prevents staining.


Polyester carpeting is comfortable, soft, and warm. Create a cozy space in your home with a bright, beautiful polyester carpet. Carpet will also help muffle footsteps and prevent noise from echoing, which will help you create a peaceful home.

Visually Appealing

Polyester is the perfect material if you’re in the market for a bright, colorful carpet. The fibers of polyester take well to dye, resulting in vibrant, clear colors. This carpeting will also look stunning in neutral shades. You can choose from a variety of styles, such as Saxony or Berber, with polyester carpeting.


Polyester is one of the more affordable carpeting materials and is less expensive than nylon and wool. Polyester carpet is a budget-friendly option for your home.


Polyester carpeting is often created from recycled materials. Rather than ending up in a landfill, materials such as plastic bottles and old carpets are instead transformed into soft, durable carpet. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly flooring that you can feel good about, polyester is perfect.

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Where Can I Use Polyester Carpeting?

This versatile carpet material is perfect for a variety of areas in your home. It works as a warm and cozy bedroom floor, a welcoming living room floor, or as a safe choice for a kid’s room. With a comfortable texture and vibrant shades, polyester carpeting could meet all your needs.

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