Frieze carpet is the modern and stylish version of the popular 70’s shag carpet that, luckily, requires no raking or excessive maintenance. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Burlington ON are here to share all there is to know about frieze carpet. The shorter, knobby, tightly twisted fibers offer a golden duo of both durability and comfort for your Oakville home.

frieze carpet flooring Oakville

Durable for High Traffic

The name frieze and twist go hand in hand. The long, skinny fibers that make up frieze carpet are very tightly twisted together, which closely resembles shag carpet. These long, lean twists splay out in various and random directions – they never stick straight up. Shorter fiber strands, which do stick straight up, are always impacted on the same point at the very top of the fiber. Continual impact in the same spot weakens the fibers and flattens the carpet.

With frieze, this problem is completely avoided. The floppy fibers evenly distribute impact from your feet onto the sides of the fibers, which makes frieze carpet incredibly durable! On a similar note, you won’t have to constantly rearrange your furniture because frieze carpet won’t be flattened under the weight of heavy couches or coffee tables.

Homey Comfort

Bedrooms, family rooms, and hallways are all wonderful places to install frieze carpet. Think of any room where you simply want to bask in comfort – this is where frieze belongs. The long fibers add softness to a relaxing, comfortable home. It is the perfect flooring to lay across with your children while reading books or to step across barefoot first thing on a cold morning. Style is not sacrificed for the casual comfort you want to bring into your Oakville home.

frieze carpet flooring oakville

Add Frieze Carpet to Your Oakville Home Today!

With durability and comfort in mind, frieze carpet is also a popular, unique, and fun flooring choice. There really is so much to love about it, so why wait to install this cozy carpet in your Oakville home? At Floor Coverings International Burlington ON, we are here to help you with all of your carpet needs. Schedule a free, in-home consultation with our mobile showroom today! We proudly serve the greater Burlington and Oakville areas.

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