At Floor Coverings International Burlington ON, we know many homeowners love the addition of carpet to their Oakville homes. While we offer a variety of carpeting from area rugs to carpet tiles, broadloom is the most common type of carpet we install! If you are wondering what exactly a broadloom carpet is, read on to learn from our experts all there is to know about this popular carpet style.

What Exactly Is Broadloom Carpet?

broadloom carpet Oakville

Broadloom is essentially and simply a very large piece of carpet! A loom is a tool historically used to hold carpet fibers while they are interwoven in both directions. Broad, or wide, refers to the width of the loom and resulting roll of carpet. Today’s manufacturers have machines do the weaving, and the final result is a wide roll of fibers crafted into the seamless carpet you know and love.

Seamless Solution

The vast largeness of the loom is the reason why entire homes can have uniform carpet throughout. In fact, any wall to wall carpeting we install is most likely broadloom. Typically, broadloom carpet comes in widths averaging around 150 ft. This allows us to install carpet floors in any room without having to mix and match various pieces. You end up with a beautiful, seamless, wall to wall carpet.

broadloom carpet Oakville

Custom Installation

Of course, every room in every Oakville home is a different size, which may not be the exact length and width of a broadloom roll. If your space is smaller, the carpet will be cut to size. If it is larger, two pieces will be used rather than one. We achieve the seamless aesthetic by seaming together two pieces when necessary. Installation commonly occurs over a carpet pad for extra softness and durability, but sometimes the carpet is glued directly to the flooring below. Our team will help you choose the best fit and process for your design goals!

Get Started in Oakville Today!

Broadloom is available in every fiber, color, and style of carpet you can imagine including frieze, saxony, and more! The choices are endless, but our team of experts is here to help you find the right style for your home. Call Floor Coverings International Burlington ON today for a free, in-home consultation! We proudly serve the greater Burlington and Oakville areas.

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