Oakville CarpetBusy families in the greater Oakville area want carpet that is both stylish and durable enough to stand up to the dropping of toys and inevitable spills. With many different carpet styles to pick from, it can be a bit overwhelming selecting the best option for your unique family. This is where Floor Coverings International Burlington ON comes in! We’ve outlined our favorite carpet styles for busy families. Take a look below.

Carpet Squares or Carpet Tiles

Capet squares (also known as carpet tiles) are one of our favorite options for homes with kids. If paint is spilled or scissors damage a section, just remove and replace it! We recommend you buy a few extra squares for when events like this occur. Another benefit of carpet squares is the design variety they provide. Use different colored or patterned pieces to create a fun pattern that is unique to your home. The design possibilities are endless!

Frieze Carpet

Frieze is one of the most common carpet styles seen in homes. This casual-looking carpet is durable and hides stains well. Frieze carpet is characterized by its curled and twisted fibers. The long strands help to hide dirt and stains and do not show vacuum tracks. While it’s not available in patterns, frieze comes in a wide variety of colors and even speckled options, which give it some character and further help to hide stains.


Berber is the most durable carpet style of the three, but it isn’t as soft. It has tightly looped fibers that hold up well to everyday wear and tear. Spills sit on the surface before sinking in, so stains are easier to clean up. We recommend installing either wool or nylon Berber carpet, which are two very durable fibers. The loops can get caught on sharp edges or pet claws, so that is something to keep in mind.

Let the experts at Floor Coverings International Burlington ON help you select the best bedroom carpet for your Oakville home. Schedule a free design consultation today where we bring the samples right to your door!

Photo Credit: Africa Studio