Stair Remodeling Burlington ONIf your stairs are starting to look worn or you’ve been craving a new look, then it might be time to remodel your stairs. The experts at Floor Coverings International Burlington ON have remodeled their fair share of stairs and know which materials are best for stair recapping. Below are some things to consider when deciding how you want to remodel the stairs in your Burlington home.

Carpeting Stairs in Family Homes

Carpet is commonly used on stairs for many reasons. For one, it helps to muffle noise and footfall. This is a great solution for large families, as carpet will help to make your home feel quiet again. Furthermore, carpet is a safer choice for homes with children or seniors, as it provides a greater cushion when falls occur. However, carpet can be difficult to wrap around the edge of stairs, so professional installation is recommended to avoid revealing carpet backing or seams.

Best Looks for Carpeted Stairs

Longer carpet piles like friezes and saxonies are best for hiding seams and backing. Wool is a great choice for eco-conscious homeowners, as it is all natural and renewable. It’s also one of the most comfortable fiber types and is a great insulator for warmth. Keep in mind that your stairs see a lot of heavy foot traffic on a regular basis, so choose a high quality carpet that can withstand this wear and tear.

Hardwood Stairs

Hardwood has traditionally been a coveted look, so it goes without saying that a hardwood staircase can be a beautiful feature in a home. Removing old carpet from your stairs will likely reveal a lot of damaged wood underneath. If the wood is too far-gone to be refinished, then it will be best to recap your stairs with new hardwood or laminate.

Choosing new wood provides you the opportunity to design a custom look and feel. Laminate is an affordable hardwood alternative for stair recapping that provides extra scratch and water resistance.

Best Looks for Hardwood Stairs

When recapping your hardwood stairs, consider the density of different wood species. Softer woods like maple and pine will be more comfortable underfoot. Refinishing existing wood stairs is also a solution to refresh your staircase. You will want to replace your stair stringers, railings, and posts to match or compliment your new wood look.

Get Started Today

A remodeled staircase could be the solution you need to freshen up your Burlington home. Contact Floor Coverings International Burlington ON today to schedule your free in-home design consultation and learn more about our staircase recapping services. We proudly serve the greater Oakville and Burlington areas.

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