oakville mold prevention

Mold in the floor isn’t merely a matter of unpleasant odors or unsightly spotting -unchecked mold can cause real medical issues if unaddressed. If your floor has become rife with mold or mildew, this can lead to side effects such as skin and eye irritation, coughing, and wheezing.

Floor Coverings International Burlington ON wants its readers and homeowners to be healthy and happy, which is why we are featuring the following tips on preventing mold and mildew in Oakville floors.

Mold Diet and Habitat

Mold subsists on a diet of dust mites, which means that undusted homes are at risk of developing moldy flooring. Regular dusting prevents dust accumulation and denies mold its favorite snack. Where you will often find mold, however, is in any moist room, like a basement, or any room that sees a lot of water use.

Thus, kitchens and bathrooms are the preferred homes of mold, thriving beneath in the damp sections of the floors. It is a good idea to wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters about once every week, using an all-purpose cleaning solution. Make sure your flooring also remains as dry as possible when the water is flowing, wiping crevices right after you’re done using the sink or the tub.

Mold in the Bathroom

The bathroom in particular is one of mold’s absolutes favorite dwellings due to the shower. If you are a fan of the hot shower, beware the resulting steam that will permeate your bathroom, leading to mold in the floor and elsewhere. Bathroom exhaust fans should be used liberally, even after the shower is complete.

Other helpful tools in the fight against mold include dehumidifiers and open windows – anything to keep the air flowing and dry things out. A squeegee can keep moisture from accruing on your mirror, and the shower curtain should be washed once in a while. Otherwise, the bottom of the curtain ends up dripping water onto the floor, resulting in a moldy breeding ground.

oakville mold prevention

Basement Mold

Air tends not to flow as freely through a basement, and this plus darkness and moisture often lead to moldy basement floors.

Basements will also benefit from dehumidifiers, and fans can keep your downstairs air from becoming stagnant. Basements can end up with leaky pipes that drip onto the floor, so non-porous floor materials like cement and rubber are your best bet.

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