Hypoallergenic floors in OakvilleHomeowners with allergies or chemical sensitivities know just how big a role flooring plays in their health and comfort. Some floors like shaggy carpet will exacerbate allergy symptoms because they trap allergens and dust, while other types of floors will help to create a comfortable living situation by repelling irritants. Below, the experts at Floor Coverings International Burlington ON have compiled a list of their favorite hypoallergenic floors for Oakville homeowners.

Hypoallergenic cork floor Oakville

Cork Flooring

Cork is one of our favorite unique floors! Not only is it all natural and eco-friendly, but it is also a great hypoallergenic flooring choice. Cork floors possess a smooth, anti-static surface. This makes cleaning easy, as the floor won’t attract dust or allergens. Cork is also antimicrobial and antibacterial, so it won’t attract the growth of irritants that could affect air quality. Finally, this all-natural floor possesses few chemicals and is a wonderful choice for homeowners with chemical sensitivities.

Linoleum Flooring

Like cork flooring, linoleum is another all-natural, eco-friendly flooring choice. Linoleum is very similar to vinyl in appearance and texture, but since it is all-natural, it won’t possess chemicals that could be irritating to some homeowners. Linoleum also possesses a smooth, anti-static surface that is easy to clean and won’t attract allergens. Like cork, this flooring is also naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial!

Hypoallergenic carpet in Oakville

Plant-Based Carpeting

Carpet offers a texture and softness unmatched by any other flooring, but carpet’s fibers tend to trap dust and allergens, making it a less-than-ideal choice for homeowners with allergies. There are some types of carpet that are much more suitable for such homeowners, however. Stick with all-natural carpets made of materials like sisal or seagrass. These materials may not be quite as plush or soft as a nylon carpet, but their tightly woven surface won’t easily trap allergens or dust. These natural carpets are also chemical-free and antimicrobial.

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