For many hardwood floor enthusiasts and owners, oak is a reliable choice with a dignified history. But maybe you are looking for something more exotic for your Oakville home! At Floor Coverings International Burlington, we like to give a little attention to the more unusual kinds of wood from around the world. Here are a few types of unique hardwood you can’t help but notice in an Oakville home.

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This one is a conversation starter when you have guests. Bloodwood gets its name from the deep red luster it produces, but obtaining this wood can be tricky since not every sample produces the gorgeous red hue. Bloodwood is also incredibly strong with a Janka hardness rating of 2,900 lbf, so you can expect durability. A thick finish and limited exposure to sunlight will help in maintaining its nearly hypnotic color. 


Here is another faintly menacing name for an attractive flooring choice. Snakewood is named for its unique grain pattern, which causes it to resemble the scale patterns of a serpent. It has been said that snakewood grain also looks a bit like hieroglyphic writings, and for that reason it is sometimes known as letterwood. Whether you are more comfortable with language or snakes, this is a resilient choice for hardwood flooring, and it is often in high demand.

Bull Oak

Ranking at an unparalleled 5,060 lbf on the Janka hardness scale, bull oak is an unusually durable hardwood. For reference, the industry benchmark is 1,290 lbf! It is a species of ironwood found in Australia, so it’s definitely exotic.

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This is a stunning type of tropical hardwood, known for its wide array of potential colors. But perhaps even more interesting is that while being worked, this wood gives off a spicy scent that has been used in women’s perfume! And when struck, a block of cocobolo can create a distinct musical note. It has been used to craft classically wooden musical instruments like the clarinet.

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Photo Credit: Artazum, Valentin Agapov, Leszek Maziarz