Vinyl plank flooring in BramptonIf you still think of vinyl flooring as a cheap-looking alternative to other materials, it’s time to reconsider. Today, flooring manufacturers are producing luxury vinyl flooring products that are affordable, practical, and stylish. Luxury vinyl is available in a variety of forms, many of which mimic natural stone, tile, and hardwood. With so many vinyl options available, you may just find the perfect floor for your Brampton home.

Now, here are Floor Coverings International Burlington ON’s top 5 reasons why you should reconsider vinyl flooring:

1. Vinyl comes in different forms to suit your needs.

Today’s vinyl flooring is available in sheets, tiles, and planks. The sheets are ideal for rooms where you want a seamless look, like bathrooms since there are no cracks for water to sink into. Vinyl tiles are great for mimicking the look of real tile, since they are the same size and shape, and they sometimes even use real grout. Vinyl planks work to replicate the look of wood planks, so they are a good choice for living areas, bedrooms, and hallways where you’d like to have a hardwood look.

2. Vinyl is easy to clean and maintain.

Vinyl flooring is water-resistant, so it’s easy to clean up spills and messes. You can vacuum, sweep, or even mop to keep your vinyl clean. It’s unlikely that your vinyl floors will sustain permanent damage from everyday activity. Because it’s so easy to clean, vinyl flooring is a good choice for homes with kids and/or pets.

3. Vinyl is quiet.

Many types of vinyl flooring have built-in underlayments that help absorb sound. This makes vinyl quieter to walk on than tile or hardwood.

4. Vinyl is comfortable.

Vinyl flooring’s underlayment adds a springy feel to your floor, so it’s more comfortable to walk and stand on than rigid materials like tile and hardwood.

5. Vinyl comes in many colors, patterns, and styles.

Vinyl flooring is available in styles that mimic different types of tile and hardwood. Whatever your home’s décor, there is sure to be a type of vinyl that fits with your design. Plus, it means you can use vinyl flooring in almost any room of your house.

If you want to learn more about luxury vinyl flooring, call Floor Coverings International Burlington ON. We provide free estimates and consultations to Brampton homeowners.

Photo Credit: Shannon Jordan