If you love the look of hardwood but want a floor that is cheaper and requires less maintenance, we’ve got you covered! Hardwood brings an elegant and timeless look to any room, which is why homeowners in the greater Oakville and Burlington areas love it. The experts at Floor Coverings International Burlington ON share 4 of their favorite hardwood alternatives below.Oakville Luxury Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Vinyl flooring is not the same as it was 50 years ago. With advances in technology, luxury vinyl can now realistically imitate popular flooring options such as hardwood or tile. It’s available in sheets, tiles, and planks, but planks tend to be the most convincing look for hardwood. With realistic details like beveled edges and texturing, it’s hard to tell the difference from the real thing! Vinyl is very durable, affordable, moisture resistant, and easy to clean.

Oakville Wood-Look Tile

Wood-Look Tile

Porcelain tile is incredibly durable and water resistant. Tile can now be purchased with realistic grain patterns and textures that look just like hardwood. Wood-look tile is a great option for rooms such as the bathroom where you want a wood look but can’t install solid hardwood. While tiles can be cold underfoot, radiant heating can be installed to keep your feet warm year-round.

Oakville Laminate


Like bamboo, laminate has a similar look and feel as hardwood. Laminate is made from plywood and fiberboard with a realistic 3D image on top. Laminate is water resistant, durable, and easy to install. To maintain, just sweep, use a damp mop, and clean up any spills as soon as they happen.


Oakville BambooBamboo is a great alternative to hardwood for homeowners looking for an environmentally friendly floor. Bamboo has a similar look to hardwood, is easy to clean, durable, and generally more affordable. It can be stained almost any color, so you’ll be able to find an option that will look great in your home. While it’s good to avoid moisture, bamboo does hold up better to it than hardwood does.

If you’re ready to explore your many different Burlington and Oakville hardwood alternatives, give the experts at Floor Coverings International Burlington ON a call to schedule your free in-home design consultation. We proudly serve the greater Oakville and Burlington areas!

Photo Credit: Yampi, Lukiyanova Natalia frenta, Photographee.eu, & Siamnukhathut Purathaka