Make sure job is 100% complete before leaving.
David Wheeler
The product was awesome. We liked what they did. We've already mentioned them to several people. I liked the way they worked, and cleaned up after themselves every night. They didn't leave any trash behind inside or outside. It looks like there's some grout missing in a small area, if you could mention that to the tile person.
John Ellenwood
We had some problems with the carpet. There is a shading issue. I have not heard anything yet about that. The seam is bad, it is sticking out like a sore thumb because of the shading issue. Someone came to look at it weeks ago and I still have not heard back. I am still waiting to see what is going to be done for us.
New England Precision
We are happy with the product. Its been down for a couple weeks now. we have a dog and it's holding up well with him running around. We are very happy with the work.
Tom & Karen Lestage
provide more concrete information on an installation schedule
Joel And Natalie Bradford
They were very professional, quick and nice. They are wonderful!
Suz & Phil Kiendl
I found that they did a really good job and did what they said they were going to do. I thought the service was really good and I was well satisfied. They cleaned up after themselves and they did not leave a mess behind.
Mark & Cecile Vosburg
Project coordination and quality of installation can be improved.
Burlington Boat House
Well first of all, prices for things other then tile are about 2 times more compared to everywhere else I go and I'm talking box store equivilant product, it just didn't make any sense. Only other issue was when I got the tile home I had a case with 3 broken tiles. There's no mechanism to work it out now because no one wants to take responsilbility at this point. I've done four rooms in my house and this is the only time it's happened and if I have enough tile to finish it won't be a problem.
Doug Lewellen
I like everything about them. It was awesome, I'm going to do two more rooms in the Fall with them.
Brenda Turner